Addiction is like a Freight Train

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Addiction is like a freight train. You may hear it coming, you may feel the ground began to shake, you might even feel the movement in the air…. or it may come flying around a curve out of nowhere. Either way, when it arrives you better intentionally steer clear; run as far and as fast as you can, wrap your arms around the pillars nearby, hold on to the nearest person, fight with all you’ve got or you’ll be swept up on that freight train without warning and once you get on, you aren’t likely getting off anytime soon. Perhaps you’ll be able to get off at the next stop, may just the next city, maybe even halfway across the country. Or it may not be until you claw your way off in the middle of nowhere and find yourself broken and bruised. The idea of Brightline eating is to keep hard fast lines in regards to food knowing that the addiction is strong and that one bite is too many and a thousand is never enough. By keeping boundaries such as; no sugar, no flour, 3 meals a day, and measured portions, we can stay away from the train station. If and when we find ourselves at the station, let’s not walk on the tracks, always be aware of the warning signs, and have the strength to hang on to the platform when the train arrives because it will come! Be prepared for it’s arrival and stand firm!