Food Addiction

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This Flower
It draws me in with it’s beauty and allure. It’s upright confidence is rather appealing. The majestic colors are pleasing to the eye. I lean in to capture the scent. It has won me over. I reach out to pluck it from the ground and I am immediately captured by the sharp thorns underneath. As soon as I try to let go, I realize it has me and isn’t letting go without some pain and hard work. I should have seen those thorns, I should have looked more closely, I should have remembered the last flower like this …… but, I was drawn in and only focused on the momentary beauty.

This is the exact struggle with food for a food addict – we are drawn in by the appealing colors and textures, the smell, the thought of eating and living in the moment of pleasure, and the desire to escape our emotion or thought. As soon as we grab it, it grabs us back and has a hold of us. It won’t let go without some pain and hard work.

It’s almost like we don’t remember the exact thing happened yesterday, last week, or last month.

This is why our tools need to remain sharp and close at hand. Planning our meals, prepping food, meditating on God’s word, praying, having a great support system, supporting others, having an emergency action plan, and journaling are all important tools that need to be used in order to keep away from unplanned and unmeasured food.

I long for the day that food (sugar and flour) doesn’t tempt me, that it doesn’t call to me and pray that it will just be neutral, but until that day…. I must remain vigilant with my sharpened tools by my side.