How can you experience FREEDOM when you have so many RESTRICTIONS?

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Upon telling a friend about the freedom that I’m experiencing with my food obsession and addiction, she said to me, “How in the world can you be experiencing so much freedom with all of those restrictions?!”  The restrictions she is referring to are simply my bright lines towards food – no sugar, no flour, 3 meals a day, and measured portions. I have never seen these as restrictions, I have always thought of them as boundaries to keep me safe, healthy, and UnBinged!  We all know that children with healthy boundaries absolutely thrive and feel very safe and secure – it is the children that have no boundaries that feel insecure, make poor choices and experience negative consequences. I feel completely safe within this plan – my meals are planned out ahead of time (for the most part), I know what I am going to eat, I know how much I will be eating, I limit my eating to 3 times a day, I eat amazing and abundant amounts of food, and I have an emergency action plan ready for when I desire to overeat or binge on things that are no longer my food (sugar and flour). This is amazing FREEDOM! What I experienced prior to this was complete bondage to food – I was usually overeating, binging, dieting, fasting, exercising, and very often thinking about my next diet “plan” while binging in an effort to justify my behavior. I was completely bound to food and in chains – now, my chains are gone and I’ve been set free thanks to these so-called “restrictions.”