Too Many Almonds

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My plan for living a Life Unbinged simply involves following four bright lines … No sugar, no flour, three meals a day, and measured portions. Nothing more, nothing less. All four of these things work together to create success. I have definitely blurred a line or two over the past 9 months, but have quickly been able to resume. Last week, I casually broke one of my lines… I wasn’t planning to fail, I simply did not measure my portion of almonds that I had with my lunch. It had been a very challenging week with some devastating news that was difficult to comprehend and process, but I just continued to weigh and measure my food. This one particular lunch, I was tired. I was weary. I was sad. I needed .5 oz of almonds to complete my lunch portion of fat. Rather than weighing them, I grabbed a few and told myself that it was probably close to half an ounce. Not a bid deal, Right?!? WRONG!  As I finished my lunch, my saboteur (or as I like to say, “the enemy”) casually whispered in my ear, “you probably didn’t have your full serving, go ahead and grab a few more.”

I didn’t realize how critical this mistake was going to be… That act of grabbing a “few more” coupled with my already weakened state sent me into a tailspin of eating. I tried to get back quickly, but addiction runs deep! That’s the problem with food addiction and deviation to the plan. I might be able to regain control quickly within the hour, it may take the day or two, or it may take a week or more. It is so important to reach out for help in these moments – I have a great network of people who struggle with the same struggles. I serve God whose grace is far beyond measure. I have friends and family who love unconditionally. Unfortunately, It took me a few days to reach out because I didn’t want to let people know of my struggle. I wanted to get it together myself.  When I did reach out, I was met with most encouraging and kind words that helped to bring my life back into balance. Even when it may seem like I have it all together, I struggle and fight everyday – this is my fight and I’ll never stop. Remember to bring your struggles to the light and they become so much less consuming! And don’t forget to weigh or measure your almonds 🙂