Two Feet From the Ditch

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An addict knows that they are always vulnerable to their addiction and must remain on guard and vigilant. No matter how long they’ve been clean, they are always just two feet away from the ditch. There is no question that being stuck in the ditch of food addiction stinks! Plain old stinks! However, there is a brief moment in that ditch that actually brings a slight bit of peace and quiets the battle of the mind.

When we take our eyes off the road and see the ditch, we can usually avoid it by keeping our eyes fixed on the path, keeping our heart attune to our Creator, keeping our hand on the plow, and using every tool possible to keep on the road ahead. When we see that ditch – we know the pain it brings, we know the challenges, we know how hard it is to crawl back out, we know the anguish, we know that there is no determined time we will be stuck, and we know that if we enter that ditch, we are completely chained up in bondage. So, why would we ever get off the road and into the ditch?

For the brief moment we see it and are drawn to it (an ever-so-brief moment), we know that as soon as we enter, there IS a bit of reprieve; the fighting stops, the voices of addiction halt, the battling ceases, the war is paused – just for that brief moment. All is quiet again.

However, It is simply a fleeting breath. We all know that as soon as we enter the ditch and look around, it was a mistake and now the real battling begins again. Food addiction is painful, challenging, and ever so REAL!

Let’s do everything possible to stay on the road to freedom and out of the ditch!