Willing to FIGHT for Food Freedom

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Willing to FIGHT for Food Freedom

This past July 4th, we were blessed to get together with lots of dear friends for fun, food, and fireworks! Every year on July 4th in the United States we take time to celebrate our freedom and independence, and every year I am reminded of the old saying, “Freedom isn’t free.” 

The political and religious freedom we enjoy was won for us by those willing to fight and lay down their lives for our country.

I heard a quote the other day from a woman who led the fight to make homeschooling legal in her state. She said, “We all know freedom isn’t free. We have to be willing to fight for our freedom, and we’d better keep fighting or we’ll lose it.”

If we want to be free, we have to be WILLING TO FIGHT.

I love the freedom and clarity that I get when I am on my food plan. 

Freedom from cravings. 

Freedom from the mental food chatter. 

Freedom from the bloating, fatigue, and excess weight that makes life miserable when I am eating addictively.

But that freedom comes at a price. Freedom is costly.

Food freedom costs me extra time in the kitchen. It costs me missed birthday cakes and leftover dessert thrown in the trash. It takes effort to go out of my way to find compliant food, to plan ahead, to say no to cravings. It’s cost me awkward moments with friends and family when I have to say, “no thank you,” when it would be easier to just give in.

It is a fight to stay abstinent, but IT’S ALL WORTH IT!

Every day I get up and gird myself for battle, but this is not a battle I fight alone. 

I put on the armor of God which is Christ in me, covering me with His love and strength.

In fact, Galatians 5:1 is my daily rallying cry: “For freedom Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery.”

I pray that God will help me to stand firm. I pray that I do not ever again submit to the slavery of addiction. 

I want to walk in the freedom God has promised me in Christ.

I can fight the daily battles because I know that God has already won the war.

So today I encourage you to stand firm. 

Put on the armor of God and go out into the world ready to do whatever it takes to stay within your boundaries. They are a good and precious gift! For freedom Christ has set you free, so enjoy it!!

What has food freedom cost you? What have you had to give up to stay within your food boundaries? Is the sacrifice worth it? Why or why not?