You are Worthy – RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE!

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I want to be very clear about something as I continue to transform, lose weight, and clear my mind from food obsession.

This is likely to be one of my most important blogs!!

You will see current pictures of me kayaking, hiking, being silly, dressing up, swimming, walking, playing with my kids, dancing in the rain, and having date nights with my husband. I love doing all of these things and I love documenting our life and history. Furthermore, as I have finally found food freedom, it’s fun documenting that as well! Now this is the IMPORTANT part…. I have pictures of myself doing ALL these same things when I was over 300 pounds. I chose to live life! I refused to let my weight stop me from living life! I swam with my kids, I hiked with my adventurous son, I did my nails with my girls, I dated my incredible husband, I dressed up, I acted silly, I danced with my five children, I took family pictures, I ran out into the ocean, I participated in a Mudrun, I faced the joy and challenges of life head on. This is the difference… I was definitely not as comfortable, not as free, not as fit, and not as confident, BUT I know (and always knew) that my joy and security comes from God who created me and knows my innermost thoughts.

Regardless of your pant size, waist measurement, or number on the scale….

YOU are valued YOU are loved YOU are worthy YOU are victorious Go out and live life today – Plan an activity that you want to do and DO IT – don’t wait for a certain number on the scale! You are worthy and loved TODAY exactly where you are!!