Do it Scared!

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Once upon a time I had a long list of “Things I want to do when I lose weight,” such as buy new clothes, zipline, participate in a mudrun, and many more. Certainly, there are some things that physically can not be done at a heavy weight, but there were many things on my list that I just wouldn’t do because I didn’t feel like I deserved them.
A few years ago, I renamed that list “Things I want to do!” I finally decided to live in the present and start doing the things I wanted right where I was and at that weight.
I started wearing dresses even though I was I uncomfortable in them.
I signed up for a 5k mud run even though I was scared to death.
I started buying clothing that weren’t black, gray, or beige.
I started doing speaking engagements
Guess what happened when I started “living” like I was loved, worthy and valuable?
I started “feeling” loved, worthy and valuable!
It was time that I started speaking the truth over myself. God values me, redeems me, cherishes me, and loves me REGARDLESS of my dress size or the number on the scale. I realized that I should be trusting and believing the truth – it was time for me to start letting go of the lies that I told myself, lies that the world told me, and lies that childhood bullies told me!
I participated in a mudrun at my heaviest weight – I was afraid I would get stuck in a tunnel, not make it, or that someone would laugh at me.”
I made it through slowly, but unscathed and extremely proud. No one laughed at me, I didn’t get stuck, and I completed it!
This picture is proof! I did the same mudrun the following year after I had lost almost 100 pounds.
Would you be willing to do something that scares you? Something that makes you uncomfortable? Would you be willing to trust me when I say that it’ll be an amazing experience and propel you to start living differently?
What is something that you could physically do, but you’ve been waiting to do until you lose weight?
Go out and do it…. or at least get it on the calendar 💗