How to Keep FOOD BOUNDARIES at Camp

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How to Keep Food Boundaries at CAMP

I am writing this blog post while I sit amid a pile of bags and boxes. I’ve spent most of the morning packing for a week at church camp.

Of course, I packed all the essentials, clothing, shoes, bug spray…..

But, I also packed my own food…JUST IN CASE.

I’m sure most people who go to camp for a week don’t bother packing their own meals, but I’m not most people.

I am recovered food addict.

For me, thinking ahead about my planned meals and packing my own food if necessary is the difference between bingeing and being of service.

It’s the difference between glorifying God with my thoughts or being all consumed with hunger and cravings.

When I take the time to pack and plan my food, even if it’s just making sure I have a compliant meal at the bottom of my bag for emergencies, I am sending a very important message to myself and to the others around me.

The Lord called me to this path of being sugar and flour-free. I know that it is one of the best tools He’s given me to help me stay healthy and balanced in a world of food insanity.

The Lord called me to be a godly woman, wife and mother. Planning ahead for my own needs ensures that I am then free to take care of my family and other responsibilities in a godly way.

The Lord called me to be like Christ. And that means walking through the world with self- control and faithfulness.

If I allow myself to get into a situation where I will be hungry with no good food options, then I am walking headlong into UNNECCESARY TEMPTATIONS.

When I make sure I have healthy food tucked away in the bottom of my bag, then I know that no matter what situation I am in I will be able to handle it with confidence and clarity.

This doesn’t mean I won’t be tempted at some point while I am away. I’m sure there will be moments of stress or tiredness when my brain will suggest that what I really need is just a little extra food. I will need to lean into the Lord’s provision to get me through. I will need to trust that He will provide for my daily needs.

I can’t control everything that is presented to me this week, but I can commit to always choosing the best foods I can for me and my body.

And it’s just possible that the best foods for me will be the ones tucked away in the bottom of my suitcase.

In that case, I will eat those foods joyfully knowing that it was God’s grace which helped me plan ahead and stay on the right path.