Living sugar and flour free is HARD, but being food obsessed and overweight is HARDER!

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We were at a friend’s house today and most of the kids went swimming. We didn’t bring our swimsuits so I told my daughter to just dip her feet in and enjoy the water. As my 9 year old daughter sat on the edge of the pool watching everyone else swimming, she pondered how hard it was to see everyone else doing something that she wanted to do, but could not do.

On the way home she said, “Mom, now I know how hard not eating sugar and flour must be for you.” As I took time to ponder this myself, I realized that it is hard to avoid sugar and flour. I do want to just be “normal” and be able to do what everyone else is doing, but as a food addict that is just not a possibility for me.
If you know that getting in the water means you could never get out, you could sink and possibly drown, that you would be obsessed with water and not the other good things in your life, and when you tried to get out of the water, it would grip you back – it makes it a much easier choice. Living sugar and flour free is hard, but being a slave to food is much harder.