There is no such thing as FAITH Neutral – We ALL Worship SOMETHING

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by emotions or life circumstances? 

Most of us are more susceptible to eating off our food plans when we are hungry, emotional, busy or tired. And for some of us, that’s every day! 

We need a plan that helps us take our thoughts captive and battle those tempting food thoughts. We need to practice stepping outside of the overwhelm and taking our emotions to Jesus.

Today I want to share with you how I handle those crazy, stressful moments when I am face-to- face with big emotions or food temptations. This is my step-by-step way of taking thoughts captive and submitting them to God. 

We’ll use word FOCUS to guide us through.

  1. Find a quiet place

The first thing to do when you are feeling overwhelmed or agitated is to step away from the situation. Get away from the noise. Step away from the food. Change the scenery. Press pause on whatever is going on and take a few minutes to be alone.

  1. Orient yourself to the present

Often our stress comes because we let our minds run into the future or get tangled up in the past. Try orienting yourself into the present moment by using your five senses. 

Focus on what you can see around you. How many colors or shapes can you find? How many different textures can you feel? Now close your eyes. What do you hear? What can you smell? What can you taste? Try taking a drink of water or some other beverage. Focus on the temperature, taste, and smell as you drink.

Just take a minute to really be right here, right now. 

  1. Connect with your emotions

Turn your focus to your own body. Do you feel tension anywhere? Do you need to cry? Are you angry or anxious? Breathe deeply and lean into those emotions. Acknowledge them without judgement. Assess if there is anything you can do right now to make yourself more comfortable.

  1. Unburden your heart

Now that you have calmed your nervous system, take a minute to unburden your heart! Talk to God about whatever is going on for you right now. If necessary, repent. Pray for wisdom. Jesus delights in carrying our burdens. You are not an inconvenience. Getting to help you gives Him joy!

  1. Savor Christ

And finally, savor Christ. Drink in the deep love and acceptance that can only be found in Him. I encourage you to mediate on any scripture you know. Singing a worship song. Pray a prayer of gratitude and praise. Just let yourself be with Jesus.

Savoring the truth of His Word renews our hearts and our minds. If you take the time to submit your heart and thoughts to God in prayer, then scripture promises that the peace of God will guard your heart and your mind in Christ Jesus (Philippians 4:6-7).

You may need to stop and FOCUS again and again. This isn’t a one and done kind of thing!

Rather it’s a daily, hourly practice that will help all of us take our thoughts captive and walk in the freedom we have in Jesus.

Do you need more help learning to FOCUS? Simply reply to this email and let me know what challenges or questions you may have that I can address in future posts. I would love for us to grow in this practice together as we all learn to savor Christ more deeply.

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Have you heard the term “Faith Neutral?”

Have you ever been a part of a recovery program that claims to be “faith neutral” or “spiritually inclusive?” 

I have, and inevitably I end up offending someone for something I said or leaving frustrated because of something I wanted to say but didn’t.

I understand the intent behind these faith neutral claims. They want to build communities that are open to all kinds of people from all belief systems and walks of life.  They want everyone to feel welcome and safe.

I want those things, too!

I want the LifeUnbinged community to be a place where anyone who wants true freedom can find help and healing. I work hard to serve everyone who comes into my online course or coaching because each and every person matters to me!

However, we are not a faith neutral group.

I started LifeUnbinged because I wanted to have a safe place to work on addiction recovery while standing firmly on the Word of God and the Christian faith.

You see the problem with faith neutral groups is that they really aren’t neutral at all.

Everyone worships something.

It may be a false god, science, psychology, positive thoughts, or just worshiping the inner self, but those idols creep their way into the way we think and the way we relate to others.

New age spiritualism and mysticism may feel more neutral because they aren’t naming a specific deity, but ultimately they are just as dangerous and deceptive as openly bowing down to a false idol.

If we have any hope of tearing down the stronghold of food in our lives, we must have recovery that is founded on absolute truth.

Otherwise, we are simply laying down one idol and picking up another.

Many people will claim to have found relief through many different religious practices and beliefs.

However, we must not to be deceived. We must stand firmly on what scripture says is true, not on the testimonies or advices of other “experts.”

As Christians we must be on our guard not to let ourselves get caught up in new age thinking and practices that will ultimately erode the spiritual disciplines (prayer, worship, fellowship, and Bible study) which offer us real help and freedom.

We have to “test every spirit” as 1 John 4:1 says and reject every spirit that does not confess Christ.

Are you still looking for freedom from food addiction?

Do you want recovery that is real and Biblically based?

I invite you to join us at LifeUnbinged, where everyone is welcome and Christ is the center of it all.

To learn more, visit