There is no such thing as FAITH Neutral – We ALL Worship SOMETHING

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Have you heard the term “Faith Neutral?”

Have you ever been a part of a recovery program that claims to be “faith neutral” or “spiritually inclusive?” 

I have, and inevitably I end up offending someone for something I said or leaving frustrated because of something I wanted to say but didn’t.

I understand the intent behind these faith neutral claims. They want to build communities that are open to all kinds of people from all belief systems and walks of life.  They want everyone to feel welcome and safe.

I want those things, too!

I want the LifeUnbinged community to be a place where anyone who wants true freedom can find help and healing. I work hard to serve everyone who comes into my online course or coaching because each and every person matters to me!

However, we are not a faith neutral group.

I started LifeUnbinged because I wanted to have a safe place to work on addiction recovery while standing firmly on the Word of God and the Christian faith.

You see the problem with faith neutral groups is that they really aren’t neutral at all.

Everyone worships something.

It may be a false god, science, psychology, positive thoughts, or just worshiping the inner self, but those idols creep their way into the way we think and the way we relate to others.

New age spiritualism and mysticism may feel more neutral because they aren’t naming a specific deity, but ultimately they are just as dangerous and deceptive as openly bowing down to a false idol.

If we have any hope of tearing down the stronghold of food in our lives, we must have recovery that is founded on absolute truth.

Otherwise, we are simply laying down one idol and picking up another.

Many people will claim to have found relief through many different religious practices and beliefs.

However, we must not to be deceived. We must stand firmly on what scripture says is true, not on the testimonies or advices of other “experts.”

As Christians we must be on our guard not to let ourselves get caught up in new age thinking and practices that will ultimately erode the spiritual disciplines (prayer, worship, fellowship, and Bible study) which offer us real help and freedom.

We have to “test every spirit” as 1 John 4:1 says and reject every spirit that does not confess Christ.

Are you still looking for freedom from food addiction?

Do you want recovery that is real and Biblically based?

I invite you to join us at LifeUnbinged, where everyone is welcome and Christ is the center of it all.

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